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“We believe in offering an environment that provides the highest quality of service, while establishing a home that gives each resident comfort, security, cleanliness and timeliness. We provide a positive environment for all who pass through our doors.”

Our caring staff members are committed to encouraging residents to reach and maintain their highest level of independence and overall wellness. Each resident is treated with respect and dignity.

The Fowler Health Care Campus is located in Fowler, Colorado. The town if Fowler is situated 35 miles east of Pueblo. Fowler is a small, safe, tight knit community. The FHCC Campus offers thoughtful landscaping with outdoor patios offering views of the expanding blue skies, sunsets and country surroundings.

We take pride in offering the kind of service and environment that merits the praise and confidence of our residents and their families. Constant communication with our community in forums like our resident council, family meetings (care conferences) and customer satisfaction surveys help us to always improve.

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